CONO revolutionizes the crypto and value asset industry by providing a new marketplace, a new coin,  a new way for people to pay and get paid--The CONO Exchange.

Bringing the power of real world, celebrity influenced marketing to a new kind of crypto exchange--encouraging Millennials and Baby-Boomers to embrace the groundbreaking platform of where fiat currency, value assets, and cryptocurrency meet.

New users and new investors are flooding the blockchain through newly formed exchanges, exchanges that are garnishing review and refinement as the market thrives. Millennials are already steeped in a culture of mobile device purchases. They know how to navigate, how to socialize, how to buy and sell in these digital environments. These users are coming to the crypto world in droves.  Cono is the entry level marketplace where millennials can  easily enter the marketplace.

Baby Boomers, on the other hand, “wonder about its’ reality and longevity.” Cono offers a place where blockchain transparency meets traditional security-- a place where traditional financial interaction is upheld while safely engaging the new crypto-marketplace.

Additionally, the CONO will initiate a comprehensive marketing strategy that will leverage its many corporate relationships, proven ability to attract and maintain high profile business relationships with athletes, brands with a focus expertise in attracting nationwide attention through a wide range of exchange functionality and options available through  




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Cono Exchange